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When two wools collide, the result is luxe. Snooze in comfort all year round, wrapped in Premium Aussie alpaca wool and soft, breathable sheep wool - blended together and encased in a 100% super fine Cotton Japara cover.

Why it's great

Cool when it’s hot

In the mountains of the Andes, you’ll find the cousins of our Aussie alpaca. So high up, they’re exposed to the scorching heat of the Central American summer sun. Their fleece has developed a natural resistance to warmth. It regulates their body temperature. Now it regulates yours.

Why it's great

Light as a feather

Alpaca fleece is a lot lighter than sheep’s wool. It’s better at thermoregulating, too. Meaning whichever way you look at it, you’ll be floating on a cloud of luxurious sleep.


Also known as a duvet-insert, this quilt is naturally drapes around the body for all night comfort

Filled with

  • 60% Alpaca wool - a superfine and incredibly lightweight fleece that is naturally thermoregulating
  • 40% Sheep's wool, also thermoregulating provides for extra height and plushness.

350gsm in weight, giving this comforter the warmth of 3-4 blankets and the weight of 1-2 blankets

The super fine, luxurious fibres of the Cotton Japara cover, help stop wool fibres from escaping

Proudly made in Australia 

Outer cover: 100% Cotton Japara
Filling: 60% Alpaca Wool, 40% Sheep's Wool

Care Instructions


  • Being dry cleaned to keep me clean and feeling fresh.
  • Spot clean me with a mild detergent if there’s any minor spills.
  • Being air dried if I get wet.


  • Machine washing or tumble drying.(Too much spinning)
  • Bleaching, ironing or solvents.(These hurt!)
Size Chart


Size (LxW)
Skirt Depth
Size (LxW)
Skirt Depth
Alpaca Quilt - All Seasons 350gsm QUEEN  94.9" x 98.0" n/a 241 x 249 cm n/a
Alpaca Quilt - All Seasons 350gsm KING 111.0" x 98.0" n/a 282 x 249 cm n/a
Alpaca Quilt - Winter 500gsm QUEEN  94.9" x 98.0" n/a 241 x 249 cm n/a
Alpaca Quilt - Winter 500gsm KING 111.0" x 98.0" n/a 282 x 249 cm n/a


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Completely solved my problems with getting too hot while sleeping, while still being heavy and warm enough to get me through the winter.


This comforter keeps us at the perfect temperature while we sleep. We are very happy with the purchase, it was well worth the investment to be so comfortable in bed. I appreciate the plastic-free shipping, I’m just glad it didn’t rain!


Never received. Tried contacting company but no response.

Adam J
Great quality quilt!

Really comfortable and great for warm weather! So happy with this purchase!

Karen Bowen
Simply Dreamy

So comfortable to snuggle into each night. Fully recommend the Airley All Seasons Alpaca Quilt. If you are looking for a new quilt, give it a go you won't be disappointed.