Dreamed up by Aussies, who love being awake, Airley was created in the amazing city of Melbourne, Australia. A story of innovation meeting energy, we’re defined by the idea that everyone deserves good sleep, so they can nail being awake.

You see, we come from a country so worth exploring, that being wide eyed and bushy tailed is the only way to be. And that’s why we started Airley - because to turn up and tune in, you gotta turn down and tune out.

It’s almost 30 years since our founder David Kaplan started a business dedicated to good sleep, and since then he’s been joined by a band of like-minded Aussies (and even a few Kiwis). They’ve worked smarter and slept harder, manufacturing bedding for millions of people. Premium bedding that’s made in Australia, from Australian materials, by eclectic, loveable Australians. Because of that, we think we serve a slice of the Aussie dream in every single fibre.

And for Airley, there’s a fresh but familiar face in the picture - Gemma, David’s daughter and our Creative Director. Growing up amidst the backdrop of the family farm, surrounded by eucalyptus trees, sheep, and alpacas, and inspired by the sounds of nature, Gemma brings her creativity and passion to Airley. A devoted mum, animal lover, interior designer, singer, and actor, she infuses her creativity into every Airley product, in pursuit of a bedroom sanctuary that evokes both comfort and inspiration.

Most of all, we are driven by a belief that to sleep well is to be well. This holistic approach makes us different to other bedding companies, geared for getting people up and about, not just down and out. In a nutshell, we want people to experience the best sleep ever so they live their best lives. 

Materials & Craftsmanship

Our inventions are made in Australia, from Australian materials. Alpaca fleece, Sheep's wool, Cotton and Tencel™. All responsibly sourced and made with care.

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