Alpaca Pillow – Back Sleeper

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Our most luxurious pillow is packed full of Aussie alpaca fleece and wool then wrapped in cotton, designed to keep your head in the clouds for a heavenly sleep. Its sleek profile is a perfect all-rounder, and even suits back and stomach sleepers - how good!

Why it's great

It's the crowd pleaser

Life’s better when you’re sleeping like a zonked koala. This pillow is made to measure, it's a universal fit and an all-round crowd pleaser, especially good for back and stomach sleepers. If you face the ceiling or the bed when you power down, face it with alpaca on your head. It’s the best material the animal kingdom has to offer our humble species, and we harvest it with care.

Why it's great

El naturale.

What can we say, when it comes to materials...we only look for the best. We blend Alpaca with Sheep’s wool for a 100% sustainable, natural and comfortable experience. The cotton sateen case it’s wrapped in is also 100% natural and sourced from Australian farms.

  • Our premium hand-crafted pillow is a universal fit, and particularly good for back or stomach sleepers.
  • This pillow has a medium firmness for great neck support.
  • Made from 100% natural fibers. It is the perfect blend of Australian Alpaca and Sheep's Wool with a soft and silky Cotton Sateen cover.
  • Proudly made in Australia 

Pair me with an Airley Pillow Protector, for protection from everyday spills and stains.

Sleep on your side more often? This pillow is available in a higher loft, just for you.

Outer cover: 100% Cotton Sateen
Filling: 60% Alpaca Wool, 40% Sheep's Wool

Care Instructions


  • I love a pillow protector to keep me clean and feeling fresh.
  • Spot clean me with a mild detergent if there’s any spills.


  • Machine washing or tumble drying (Too much spinning)
  • Dry cleaning, bleaching, ironing or solvents. (These hurt!)
Size Chart
Product Size Size (LxW)
Skirt Depth
Size (LxW)
Skirt Depth
Alpaca Pillow BACK SLEEPER 17.7" x 27.6" n/a 45 x 70 cm n/a
Alpaca Pillow SIDE SLEEPER 17.7" x 27.6" n/a 45 x 70 cm n/a

Customer Reviews

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Goldie Cooperstein
Back sleeper

Pillow extremely well made. The pillow protector is also very well made. I am still getting used to the feel.

alan kaye
It’s different

I’m still getting use to this pillow. After 4 nights I’m finding it comfortable but I really can’t give it a 1-10 yet. As far as quality it’s very well made.
So far I’m thinking maybe I still need a pillow with more loft but I’m still thinking on it.

Deborah Bates
sleep is a lot better.

Very glad ibought

so comfortable

i got the side sleeper pillow and it really is the perfect amount of support. it’s not too soft or firm and i take it anytime i travel to avoid the neck pain after a hotel pillow!

Ellie Dixon
Great for allergies

My partner has allergies so we bought two of these alpaca pillows - a side sleeper for him and a back sleeper for me. We love them! His allergies are gone and my neck is perfectly supported.
Would definitely recommend!