Wool Quilt – All Seasons

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Wool is a wonder. And Australian wool is the most wonderful of all. Wrapped in 100% super fine cotton japara and with a medium wool fill -  it's an unbeatable Aussie comforter for all seasons.


Why it's great

Sheep: an animal
for all four seasons

Tell a sheep that they’re warm and cuddly, and they’ll look at you with a blank stare. That’s not because they can’t understand you, but because they’re offended that you haven’t addressed their wool fibre’s ability to absorb and evaporate moisture into the air, keeping you at a perfect temperature all year round. Warm and cuddly: yes. Cool and dry: also yes.

Why it's great

Flock n’ roll

Our wool is 100% renewable and 100% natural, grown year round by Australia's 70+ million sheep who just do sheep things: consume water, air, sunshine and grass. Put together with the care of Australian manufacturing standards, all our wool products are odour, stain, and dust resistant.

  • Also known as a duvet-insert, this comforter naturally drapes around the body for all night serenity
  • Filled with 100% thermoregulating Australian Sheep's wool.
  • The super fine, luxurious fibres of the Cotton Japara cover, help stop wool fibres from escaping
  • 350gsm in weight, giving this comforter the warmth of 2 blankets and the weight of 2-3 blankets
  • Proudly made in Australia 

Outer cover: 100% Cotton Japara
Filling: 100% Sheep's Wool

Care Instructions


  • Being dry cleaned to keep me clean and feeling fresh.
  • Spot clean me with a mild detergent if there’s any minor spills.
  • Being air dried if I get wet.


  • Machine washing or tumble drying.(Too much spinning)
  • Bleaching, ironing or solvents.(These hurt!)
Size Chart
Product Size Size (LxW)
Skirt Depth
Size (LxW)
Skirt Depth
Wool Quilt All Seasons 350gsm QUEEN  94.9" x 98.0" n/a 241 x 249 cm n/a
Wool Quilt All Seasons 350gsm KING 111.0" x 98.0" n/a 282 x 249 cm n/a
Wool Quilt - Winter 500gsm QUEEN  94.9" x 98.0" n/a 241 x 249 cm n/a
Wool Quilt - Winter 500gsm KING 111.0" x 98.0" n/a 282 x 249 cm n/a


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Way too hot for being all seasons

Ben Cox
Soooo Comfy!

So happy this is the most comfortable Quilt!!! Best sleep ever!

The Brandsmiths
Perfect weight, perfect comfort.

My partner and I recently visited Germany, where we discovered that couples use individual quilts – genius. We bought two Airley All Season Wool Quilts. Perfect weight, perfect comfort and we can adjust to suit our own temperature. So soft as well!

Ellie Dixon
Cozy and luxurious

This quilt is perfect for us. I like to be able to snuggle up under the covers in bed, and my partner gets dust allergies. It's been excellent - we both sleep soundly!

Karen Bowen
Luxurious and cozy!!!!

When we bought this my partner thought the wool would be too hot, but its not! Its just perfect. Keeping us comfortable in both the summer and winter months.