Airley isn’t just Australian owned.
It’s Australian made.

Our materials such as alpaca fleece, sheep’s wool and cotton, are sourced and manufactured ethically in Australia. We test every batch of material in-house at our Melbourne testing lab. We keep our production runs small. This means we have far more control over the quality of each and every garment that ends up under or over you at night.

From the factory floor to our team on the road in sales, we reflect the multicultural country we live in. Our 60 strong team represent 13 nationalities from across the globe. 25% of our employees have been with the company for 10 years and that doesn’t include the family members that started the business.

Australia has some of the highest quality safe working standards in the world, and we can safely say, we’ve created a bloody good place to work.

We owe everything to the land we live on, and we’re on a journey to nullify our environmental impact. We are OEKO-TEX 100 accredited, which means all of our fabrics are tested for harmful chemicals. We’re a member of APCO, a governing body with a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of packaging. We’re SEDEX SMETA registered, which means our supply chain is ethical and completely transparent. In short, our passion for what we do means we create products that have our customers, our staff and our planet in mind. That, we can promise, will never change.

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Our Alpaca Fleece, Tencel™, Sheep’s Wool and Cotton, are all sourced and manufactured ethically in Australia.

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A little odd coming from a bedding company. Bet you thought we’d want you tucked up and tuckered out, huh? But we love being awake, and we want you to get the most out of being awake with us.


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