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Wool is a wonder. And Australian wool is the most wonderful of all. Wrapped in a 100% super fine cotton japara cover and with a generous wool fill, all that's left to do is climb into bed and dream the cold weather out of your life.


Why it's great

No worries
for winter

There’s almost 70 million sheep in Australia. And, not all sheep are created equal. Airley wool is the finest available. Taken from the right parts of the best sheep, the wool in this quilt is is hand picked for the garment. Warm, natural, ethical, it’s a bonza choice.

Why it's great

Full o’ wool

A lot of competitors will say their garments are full of wool. Sadly, they aren’t. And that ain’t cool. When we say our comforter has 500gsm (grams per square meter) of wool, we mean it has a fill weight of 500gsm of wool. Not 300gsm of wool and 200gsm of fabric. This wonderful quilt is no exception to the rule - Enjoy!

  • Also known as a duvet-insert, this comforter naturally drapes around the body for all night serenity.
  • Filled with 100% thermoregulating Australian Sheep's wool.
  • The super fine, luxurious fibres of the Cotton Japara cover, help stop wool fibres from escaping.
  • 500gsm in weight, this comforter has the warmth and weight of 3 blankets.
  • Proudly made in Australia. 

Outer cover: 100% Cotton Japara
Filling: 100% Sheep's Wool

Care Instructions


  • Being dry cleaned to keep me clean and feeling fresh.
  • Spot clean me with a mild detergent if there’s any minor spills.
  • Being air dried if I get wet.


  • Machine washing or tumble drying.(Too much spinning)
  • Bleaching, ironing or solvents.(These hurt!)
Size Chart
Product Size Size (LxW)
Skirt Depth
Size (LxW)
Skirt Depth
Wool Quilt All Seasons 350gsm QUEEN  94.9" x 98.0" n/a 241 x 249 cm n/a
Wool Quilt All Seasons 350gsm KING 111.0" x 98.0" n/a 282 x 249 cm n/a
Wool Quilt - Winter 500gsm QUEEN  94.9" x 98.0" n/a 241 x 249 cm n/a
Wool Quilt - Winter 500gsm KING 111.0" x 98.0" n/a 282 x 249 cm n/a


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Customer Reviews

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James Blewett
Great Temp!

I love this quilt. Perfect for rugging up in the winter months.

David Michael
Now thats Comy

This is the best Duvet I ever slept with so happy with it. feels great no matter how hot or cold the night is.