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Back sleeper

Pillow extremely well made. The pillow protector is also very well made. I am still getting used to the feel.

Very comfortable pillow

I don’t remember sleeping so well without tossing and turning. Great pillow !!

Completely solved my problems with getting too hot while sleeping, while still being heavy and warm enough to get me through the winter.


Over the past 5 years or so I’ve tried SO many pillows. Feather pillows, memory foam, all manner and sizes of traditional pillows. As a side sleeper who was having more and more neck and shoulder pain as I got into my 40s, I was getting desperate. I randomly came across Airley on the Shop app and even though this is the MOST I’ve ever spent on a pillow, it was worth every single penny! I am sleeping so much better and have no more neck pain and minimal shoulder pain, even after about a week. I am incredibly grateful for having found it. Thank you Airley!!!

Side sleeping comfort

I have been through so many pillows and finally found this Alpaca pillow that is so soft and comfortable. I have slept peaceful and woke with no neck strain or head ache. I highly recommend this pillow..

Great pillow

Sleep great with this pillow.

This pillow is a revelation. I have never slept so well. Perfect for a side sleeper


This comforter keeps us at the perfect temperature while we sleep. We are very happy with the purchase, it was well worth the investment to be so comfortable in bed. I appreciate the plastic-free shipping, I’m just glad it didn’t rain!

It’s different

I’m still getting use to this pillow. After 4 nights I’m finding it comfortable but I really can’t give it a 1-10 yet. As far as quality it’s very well made.
So far I’m thinking maybe I still need a pillow with more loft but I’m still thinking on it.

sleep is a lot better.

Very glad ibought

Never received. Tried contacting company but no response.

Never received. Tried contacting company with no response.

Fits our mattress very well. No crinkly over time like all the other mattress covers did. Would recommend

Fits perfectly. Nice quality material that it is used. Very happy

Peace of Mind

I'm a hot sleeper, so it's always good to know that I have this protector to stop my mattress from staining. Easy to fit and remove for washing as well.

Good Height

I really like the height of this pillow. I am pretty picky with pillows that are too high and hurt my neck, but this pillow feels great.

Great Temp!

I love this quilt. Perfect for rugging up in the winter months.

Saved me a few times already!

I love to eat and drink in bed, and with my dog wanting to cuddle up as close as possible it was inevitable that she was going to spill coffee everywhere. It's happened more times than I'd like to admit, but this protector has protected the mattress every single time. Amazing, good quality, and fair price. Thanks!

It's like having a brand new mattress

I have a mattress that's about 3 years old now, and was looking for something to give it a bit more plush and warmth in the winter. This did just that, and boy is it comfy. It's honestly like I've bought a new mattress and as a bonus it's helped ease pressure on my back a bit too!

Thank goodness my bed is protected

I had no idea about the dust mites and sweat and things that can accumulate in your mattress. My whole family has these on now! They're soft, quiet and totally waterproof.

Soooo Comfy!

So happy this is the most comfortable Quilt!!! Best sleep ever!

Perfect weight, perfect comfort.

My partner and I recently visited Germany, where we discovered that couples use individual quilts – genius. We bought two Airley All Season Wool Quilts. Perfect weight, perfect comfort and we can adjust to suit our own temperature. So soft as well!


What a wonderful range Airley is. I won't use anything else now, the quality is amazing.

Warm but Light

Was concerned that something so light could not be warm suprisingly warm on our cool nights without the heavy weight. Awesome

makes our bedding last

my partner gets really bad allergies year-round and adding this as a barrier between the pillow and pillow case really helps.
i had recently spilled coffee over it and to my surprise, the pillow under the protector wasn’t affected … so i just ordered the mattress protector, too!